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Tai Chi Moon Cake Festival,12th September 2019


Tai Chi Section

Moon Cake Festival Celebration 2019

The NCT Tai Chi Section organised the Moon Cake Festival Celebration on 12 September 2019. It was also a fellowship gathering with the CRC, Wei Yang and the Temple Kpg Boyan Tai Chi Groups of Taiping.The guest-of-honour was Mr Tang Yuet Mun PPT , the President of New Club Taiping.

The event started with warm-up exercises of basic Yang Style Tai Chi 16, 24 and 40 forms. This was followed by the NCT members performing the Sword 42, Broadsword 24 and the Kung Fu Fan 52. The guests then showed their skills in Tai Chi 42 Form (CRC), Yang Sheng Hua Dao (Wei Yang) and the energetic Kung Fu Fighting (Temple Kpg Boyan)

There were two solo performances of the Tai Chi Fan 72 (Ms Helen Lim of NCT) and the Sword 49 (Quah SK of NCT)

Dinner was served with Mooncakes and Chinese Tea on the Menu.

The highlights of the night were the Karaoke Session and Line Dancing by the members and their guests.

It was a night of lots of good fun and merriment…