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Tombola Session, Jackpot Winner on 15th November 2019
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Tai-Chi Annual Dinner 2019, 30th November 2019

TNC Taiji section annual dinner was held on 30/11/2019, Saturday night from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. Participants were our Taiji members and guests from various local Taiji groups, such as CRC, Temple, Wei Yang and Jing Xing, altogether made up a total of 14 dinner tables. Celebration started at 7.00 pm with Taiji performances of 24 and 40 steps Yang style presented by our TNC Taiji members. Followed up was Swords 42, and 49, Broadswords and Fan 72. CRC and Temple groups performed Kungfu fan, kungfu  Fighting and Taiji 40 steps, Jing Xing group performed Wu Taiji Quan and Cang Quan.

After Taiji performance, we invited our Taiji Chairman Mr. Lim Sweet Chin for the welcome address and Club President Mr. Tang Yuet Mun for the key address.

Dinner started at 8.15 pm. During dinner time, karaoke also started. Singers were our members and 3 invited local champions.

Group dancing started at about 9.15 pm, most of the time the participants. In between, lucky draws made, prizes were 10 Kungfu fans, 16 Taiji bath towels, and two hampers donated by our Datin Jennifer Ong were presented on that night.

The celebration ended before 10.30 pm.