CNY Squash Competition, 11th – 13th Feb 2016
Enjoy Your New Facilites, China Press Newspaper – 13th February 2016
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Make Full Use Of Our Upgraded Sports & Recreation Facilities, Sin Chew Newspaper / 14th February 2016

2016-02-24 12.04.25
Taiping, 12th February 2016 – President of The New Club , Taiping, revealed that the upgrading work on the Club’s sports and recreation facilities has been completed recently and invited members to make good use of it.
In his Speech during the Club’s Chinese New Year celebration, President Tang Yuet Mun said that the club not only promote healthy sports and recreation activities, we also promote cultural celebration as well. Event like this would enable members from all kinds of races to gather, socialize, have good fellowship, understand and respect for each individuals.
The Organizing Chairman, Mr. Lim Sweet Chin, thanked all members who are presence and their strong support towards this event.