17th Annual-Inter Club Karaoke ,16th November 2019

PK Karaoke Competition [ TNC vs CRC ] , 7th September 2019

In-House Karaoke Competition,1st September 2019

TPG CRC- TPG New Club Karaoke Competition, 21st Oct 2018

Karaoke Penang Sport Club, 20th Aug 2018

In-House Karaoke Competition 2018,04th August 2018

20 New Club members took to the stage in the Club Hall on 4th August to compete in the 10th In-House Karaoke Competition.. In our quest to […]

The 15th Annual Interclub Karaoke Competition 2017

The 15th Annual Interclub Karaoke Competition 2017 Date : 07th Oct 2017 ( Sat ) Time : 7.00pm Venue : Kulim Club Kulim Club played host […]

The 9th Annual In-House Karaoke Competition, 30th September 2017

The 9th Annual In-House Karaoke Competition Competition 2017 Date : 30 Sept 2017 ( Sat ) Time : 7.30 pm Venue : Club Hall This year’s […]

PK Karaoke Competition [ TNC vs. CRC ] , 19th Aug. 2017

The Inaugural (The New Club vs Chinese Recreational Club, Taiping) PK Karaoke Competition Date   :  19 Aug. 2017 (Saturday) Time  :  7:30 pm Venue: The […]

The In-House PK Karaoke Competition 2016

The PK competition format requires a contestant to draw lots to determine his/her opponent in a one-to-one contest for each round. This was the first time […]

The New Club – Kulim Club PK Singer Competition

Date:   30th July 2016  Saturday Time:   7:30 pm Venue: Kulim Club, Kedah Darul Aman This friendly team competition was inaugurated on 23rd August 2014 […]

Inter – Club Karaoke Competition – 2016